I guess one of the many benefits that GOT offered me is that I was constantly encouraged/pushed to do much more than I was doing working out by myself. I had been a member of Golds for over 2 years when I signed up for my first class and went to the gym faithfully but since I wasn’t pushing myself I saw very little results. In the first 6 months of GOT I was amazed at how much my sit up; push up and even running times increased. I felt so much better about myself! This renewed self confidence helped me reach some of my own goals like meeting my present husband through a dating website. The most difficult part of GOT was paying for it – as a woman and single mom it’s always extremely difficult to spend money on myself but it was such good value, good returns and overall profitable I don’t regret one cent and just wished I lived close enough to continue it.

Laura Roberts

I don’t know where to even begin with Robin and GOT! I have been doing GOT for about 15 months now and am so incredibly thankful for the blessing it has been in my life! I have struggled with my weight for my whole life and in high school developed an eating disorder. More importantly, I have struggled with perfectionism and being too hard on myself for most of my life. These two things proved to be a pretty volatile combo. Robin has been an incredible support, encourager, and motivator throughout this process! She has taught me to catch myself when I am tempted to beat myself up, but she also doesn’t let me “off the hook.” It immediately becomes clear to anyone that meets Robin that she truly and deeply cares for each and every one of us as individuals! I have kept coming back and getting back on track after “slip ups” because of Robin’s encouragement and accountability. I love that GOT has taught me to notice the progress I am making, even if I’m not yet to my final goal. I feel so much stronger and am really learning to appreciate and love my body! I’m so excited to continue on this journey and see what else is in store!


I absolutely love GOT and I would encourage anyone to sign up. Robin has the ability to connect with individuals of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Even though GOT is group personal training, I feel as though Robin is able to give each participant the individualized attention that is critical for reaching their goals that they set for themselves. I know with Robin’s guidance and support I will reach my goal of loosing 60 lbs.

Jennifer Mackey

As a mental health counselor and now a clinical psychologist in training, I have been educated on the importance of self-care for physical and mental well-being. GOT is a program, which not only provides a fun and challenging workout, but also raises participants’ awareness regarding habits impacting functioning such as nutrition, sleep, substance use and levels of physical activity. I have now participated in GOT for over a year, and what began as a program to get in shape for my upcoming wedding has become an integral part of my own self -care. Robin has created a supportive and fun community in GOT that has kept me feeling energized and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Atwood